I have a potential to do it – Fiat Euro 2/2014

I deserve it! At the head with Greece. Smoked green plans.

France is becoming slowly but surely a sick man of Europe. The server Newsweek informs in an emotional article that a lot of young people is leaving France and going for a career to London or further. French society is absorbed in phenomenon of entitlement. It is common if high skilled professionals enjoy a generously paid unemployment for several years. Why? Because they are entitled to do it.

France is only the most apparent representative of this approach which exists all over Europe. If you want to gain a little from the collected public money and you want more than just unemployment benefit (which is for amateurs), I have a manual for you. First, you have to define your business area, let’s say creative industry for instance. Next, you do a study demonstrating how much you are important for a society, ideally the study should specify your contribution to GDP. Attention! Key moment now. In study point out that your potential contribution to GDP is much higher, because you are not some simpleton who welds iron bars or digs holes, but you are an important person (value added it is called). This potential cannot fulfil, of course not because of you, but because of market failures (for example, consumers are a stupid people who do not use yours services as would be profitable for them). Due to your unfilled potential a loss for the whole society arises. Fortunately, it is can be easily changed, naturally with money. Grants, guaranteed loans, public participations, subsidies,… All that wrapped in a beautiful econometric model, stamped with names of famous institutions, hand it over to your Brussels lobbyists and wait for it to succeed or not.

The easier way to get something from the common pool is through profession of euroofficer. It is extremely demanding job full of health risks. Nobody should be surprised that average euroofficer calls 14,6 sick days yearly. At the same time average in western Europe is 7,3 days, in the U.S. 4,9 and in Asia 2,2 days.

Since the New Year Latvia has become a member of euro crisis, sorry – eurozone. At the same time when Greece holds the presidency in EU for half a year. Do not worry, it is only a symbolic function. Presiding country organizes and manages meetings of the Council of European Union, therefore it can lead discussions in some directions, but the function does not guarantee any results. Everybody knows what the main goal of Greece government is. Greece nneds to solve the 14 milliard euro hole in funding for the next two years and it tries to agree with creditors on the partial debt relief once again, what is a shorter name for bankruptcy. Greek export reported at the end of 2013 a sharp decline, so the general economic problems are still intensive.

At least Greek politicians are learning to save. The budget of the presidency is 50 million euro and it is one of the lowest (although Greek can learn from Danes whose budget was only 35 million euro). Euroofficers have to get used to meetings without plenty of caviar. For interest, Slovak budget on our presidency will be announcement in August this year, it will be an amount of 50-80 million euro. Will our government aaccept the Greek challenge in saving?

Spain reached European record in youth unemployment with the level of 57,7%. These news are not so important for Spanish tabloids such as these: Spanish Princess Cristina is involved in a tax fraud and money laundering. Bad news overtook also the former Romanian Prime Minister. For accepting a bribe he was given four years in prison.

Portuguese received a lot of money from Europe to sustain their inefficient economy but they are not satisfied. Portuguese politicians complained about creditors during the recent visit of European leaders that they are not flexible and do not take into account local specificities. So sorry, next time we will try harder.

German consumers pay for the renewable resource in country 20 billion euro yearly. With these cost German air must be the cleanest all over the world, you say. But generation of electricity from coal is in Germany the highest since 1990. Where did make green central planners mistake?

And they do not stop planning. The four largest EU economies asked the European Commission to set a goal to decrease greenhouse gas emissions until 2030 by 40% compared to the level of the year 1990 (now the goal is 20% reduction until 2020). Reason is not only ecological but also economical! Supposedly, it can kick-start investments in green technology worth tens of billion euro. Following this logic, prohibition of cars can employ millions of people as human carriers. British government wants to decrease the speed limit to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) on certain parts of the m1 highway in order to decrease emissions.We are slowly building our to way towards the world of human carriers…

We have to end with humour. In the U.S. the global warming forgot to arrive and the temperature drops to record lows. It is not always on the bad side, for example it forced escaped prisoner to report back to the jail.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend of January full of water!

Martin Vlachynský 9/1/2014
Translated by Luboš Slávik

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